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First time here?
There are two strips worth snooping through:

Vitreous Humor
A daily punchline strip. An experiment in “abstract comedy” (how can you go to strange David Lynch places, and still get a chuckle?).

I stopped this strip when I decided to make a full fledged comic book (vidHero#1). And when that comic went nowhere, I stopped drawing for a while. Until:

BloodSugar 2016
A serious (no jokes) science fiction story with a ticking clock. While it reads a certain way day-to-day, it will read differently when every 3 strips is collected into a group on the same page. (the whole project was designed to printed as a 3×3 grid of panels.). I did one strip a day for months, and somewhere in the middle the art quality drops. I believe there are even a few pages where I scanned napkins, and others where I never put in the captions. so… I’m still planning to polish it off for printin, but since nobody cared or commented (or noticed apparently), maybe a fresh project would be more interesting.

Mind Molds
I’ve been kicking around the idea for a new “strip” for years, which is basically a no-pressure brain dump. I’m thinking of Jhonen Vasquez’s stick boy and filler bunny comics here. This idea has mutated a lot over the years, from a weekly “lets combine the movies that were released in theatres;” to historical humor for a Mensa newsletter; to electrical engineering and computer science concept education experiments; to simply recording characters and ideas on some days, and showing them in action on other days. This is the currently plan for “Mind Molds”.

This new Mind Molds concept is also an excuse to put up some brand new artwork, in case the dudes at Penny Arcade actually take a look at my websites, for their Strip Search project. (seemed like a good idea to put up some current stuff if I want to apply for their contest).

What Else is New?
8/13/2012: Currently, this blog languishes while I seek out and install a different WordPress theme (maybe make my own?), and waste time writing movie, game, and technology reviews over in the development blog. (also, my first born, Robin, was released 3 months before his due date, back in March. So I’ve been mostly living out of a hospital for the past 5 months.).

I’ve been drawing and inking (old school, on blueline boards and vellum) my friend Jonason’s Tycoons script for the past couple weeks. Planning to post that here by the end of the month. (Well, hopefully post page 1 tomorrow. but end of the month for everything, at the latest). Also, if you’re bored, I’ve also posted some of my 9to5 job learning games/tools here

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