creative aside: i think i’ll leave the color out of these family circus segments for a while.

It added a huge amount of time, with shabby inconsistent results (I can always add that sort of thing back in later! woo hoo!).


HINDSIGHT (from 2012):

This was where I gave up. (on the first attempt at this project). Some friends had shared some negative feedback about how it was going. And I was disturbed that this “family circus” storyline had somehow become about incest and/or rape. The idea was that someone (or something) was somehow invading their bomb shelter. And impregnating the women (for transpecies genetic experiments in resisting radiation poisoning, it  would turn out). I believe when I retold this storyline in the second project attempt, I focused on being clear that there was someone sneaking in, and decided no one in this family would ever suspect the dad of some hideous perversion. Better that they be a strong family that trusts each out, beset by villainous outsiders. i think. anyway.

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