Vitreous Humor – the very first attempt at a punchline

INsights: So i’d written up several ideas for weirdly paced 4 panel web strips, and this was the first (and only)one that seemed to have a genuine punch line. A double meaning that might make you giggle. the rest were more geared towards psychotic pacing, and/or visual tricks.

I believe i’d really only seen Penny Arcade and David Lynch’s Angriest Dog In The World (and something else that looked like a black and white attempt to rip off doonesbury, with fantasy characters and weak shitty comedy ideas). So i thought the whole idea of doing a strip about the nature of visual humor itself would be earth shatteringly awesom.

This strip however, didn’t try to live up to that. it tried to tell a joke with a creepy voice. I picture Disky (or Seedy, as he was originally known. a play on “CD”) as a very smelly hippie/homeless guy in these early strips. I still like this strip way more than i should. Probably because it’s so rare that my mind wanders into normal comedy approach arenas.

Also, i like that Viddy was telling some aweful amputee joke, and Disky(Seedy) wasn’t listening. I like that Disky moves in uncomfortably close for the punch line. These early strips seem more innocent and pure that the recent stuff (where i move them around rather randomly, just to keep the frames unique).

Perhaps i should also mention that i played a lot of soccer as a kid, and consider it “my sport.” Perhaps i shouldn’t…