Vitreous Humor – the very first comic

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INsights: I believe i’d just discovered web comics, and decided it didn’t look that hard…So i sat down and wrote out a script for every day in January. This was back at the end of December 2002. I was living poorly in this shitty basement apartment in downtown portland. As I recall. Struggly to make enough money to pay rent. phone was turned off. shit like that. i was a little desperate. just to entertain, mind you, not to make money off of web comics.

And, i was spending a lot of time at the Fast Forward Forums ( ), and often thinking i’d prefer to reply to some posts in the form of a drawing. I wasn’t as good at funny replies as the other guys, so i thought : fuck it, why not make web comic replies.

Soooo. This first comic was really my retaliation to the forum posters. I was trying to explain a certain mindset that I saw going on there. A certain angry confused comedian. I want to say i was thinking of someone else, but now when i reread the strip (in mid-2008) it seems like i was describing myself.

the final frame was meant to both: exibit Disky’s inability to think of anything to say in response (and his discomfort), and to remind the reader that even when you can’t reply with words you can reply visually. I mean, that the strip would be using weird visual shit as if they were words. Although, I don’t mean one word in particular. I mean that some feelings can’t be expressed in words. You head distorting like a warped record, or a cooking egg – these are indescribable feelings for me. hmm.

This is the first of 15 daily strips i put up. So i’ll sprinkle in some more back story as i go through and try to comment on the rest.